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Virtual World Creation

Virtual worlds provide you with a wide range of opportunities from visualizing and exploring an idea before bringing it into the real world through to real world simulation. Simulation is a highly effective way to develop the real world skills of your workforce.

The photorealism and capability of virtual world applications is continually improving and it's important to implemented your solutions on technology that's accessible to your target audience. We typically recommend one of three approaches.

Browser Based
No installation required, accessible on most VR & mobile devices

Application Based
Installation required, higher performance hardware needed

Application based, edged served.
No installation required, accessible on most VR & mobile devices

Your solutions will use the latest openXR/webXR technologies for browser based solutions. Higher performance solutions are built on the Epic Unreal game engine. Each of these have the option to be fully integrated with your cloud services.

VMach Media has been enhancing client productivity since 2009 with:

  • Drone Pilot Training
  • Power Boat Training
  • Factory Automation
  • UK Construction
  • UK Maritime
  • Drone Esports (global)
  • Digital Storage Manufacture (global)

Accelerated Training Course Development

Accelerate the development of your simulation based training courses with intelligent scripting compatible with TV and Film industry standards.

When you have all the elements of your real world simulation in place you will need to add your interactive instructor to guide your students. This will involve scripting your training sequence and integrating your voice actor recordings with student actions and simulation events.

VMach intelligent scripting allows you to create your script using standard film industry tools. Voice actors (real of virtual) can then be easily hired and their recordings imported. Intelligence within your virtual world then reads the script, prompts student actions and coordinates the correct instructor voice response. Providing a significant reduction in programming time & cost.

Cloud Deployment & Management Tools

When your virtual world is ready to deploy out integrated cloud based tool set is here to help and includes:

Organization registration
Membership management
Virtual world access management
Virtual event scheduling & management
Training course scheduling
Student registration
Remote instructor <> student sessions (real time)
Student performance reporting