Platform History

In 2009 indie game engines with advanced graphics were becoming available and Vmach Media Ltd. was formed to create and run international online 3D game design courses. Rather than just throw students in at the deep end an Interactive Framework was written to simplify the creation and interaction of many common game objects. Further development between 2009 and 2015 saw this become the 'Vmach Zero' platform with functionality extending into Maritime simulation for boat handling and navigation training.

In 2015 the decision was made to enhance the training experience using immersive Virtual Reality and the slogan 'virtual adventures for real world skills' was coined. To achieve this the platform's game engine was ported over to Unreal 4 for its state of the art visuals and VR support. The new platform (known internally as 'Vmach One') continued development through to the present day. During this period a fully integrated set of cloud services also grew along side it to extend the platforms capabilities even further. Since 2015 the platform has provided several high profile solutions for the advancement of maritime navigation and drone piloting skills in both the commercial and entertainment sectors.

The most recent developments on the platform include interactive online course creation/management, edge served simulation sessions, a virtual production studio and customizable VR gallery service.

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